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Our counsellors have many years of personal experience in placing students in leading institutes abroad. Keeping in mind your personal circumstances and aptitude, they will help you make the right choices in your career. An initial assessment will be carried out during the personalised counselling session, and you will be given advices on courses, universities that are a perfect match for your long term goals.

Filling out applications and going through the admission procedures can be a harrowing process- especially when you have no previous expertise in these tasks. Our team of counsellors will guide you through all the requirements, and will help process your application for registration. We will arrange your admission interview, follow up on the offer letter, and give you assistance in course fee payments.

We offer end-to-end assistance in visa applications and processing. We provide advice on funding and medical assistance, as required, on a case to case basis. We are well versed in all aspects of

  • Business visas
  • Tourist visas
  • Student visas
  • Job visas
  • Migration

Studying abroad is a huge step and represents a significant change in your lifestyle. Our team gives you an introduction to the Bridging program, easing your transition to student and work life overseas and helping you to adjust to the changes expected. You will get an orientation to an international lifestyle, and get a pre-departure briefing. All assistance will be provided with respect to air tickets, foreign exchange and medical insurance. You will be given advice on baggage and what to pack, and if you need it you can get advice and assistance with accommodation. You will also be picked up from the airport and welcomed upon your arrival.

  • Our services include a number of essential travel & relocation services for those who are relocating to a new country. In case you are going somewhere you haven’t been before, we can help make your move more comfortable & smooth.
  • We take care of your arrangement of guest house if opted and Reception at airport in respective country for the clients who book accommodation through us.
  • We offer assistance/guidance in applying for SIM / Driving License/ Health Insurance Plan Card/ opening of bank account/ bank debit and credit cards in respective country.
  • We provide information on private health insurance companies in each respective country to purchase temporary health insurance as applicable.
  • You will get guidance for hiring own accommodation and information on rentals and prices in respective country.
  • You can also avail of guidance for admission of children of clients in school / college / university.

  • Our services include Bank loan assistance, ranging from loan application to documentation to liaison with private and national banks to ensure you have a hassle free education loan to meet tuition and living expenses overseas.
  • It is often observed that many fail in the attempt to get loans, not because they are ineligible but simply because they are not properly guided. This is where our bank loan assistance comes in handy. We offer credible advice, and end-to-end assistance in education loans. We have close tie ups with banks who readily offer loans to students who plan to study abroad.